How to Find the Best Desiccated Liver Supplement

cowsgrazingGrass-fed beef liver is a wonderful source of important nutrients. Unfortunately, dishes such as liver and onions and liver pate are rarely found on the modern American dinner table. Many people do not know how to prepare fresh, raw liver and even more people find the taste and texture unpleasant. For these reasons, liver is not commonly consumed in the US even though it definitely should be!

Luckily for everyone who doesn’t like the taste liver, fresh, raw, beef liver can be turned into a supplement with all of the same health benefits. What are those benefits? Liver is an excellent source of iron which helps to correct iron deficiencies and associated problems such as anemia. Liver is also an excellent source of vitamin A, B12, protein, amino acids, fatty acids, and more!

Desiccated liver supplements can be taken throughout the day. The iron found in desiccated liver is highly absorbable and because it’s naturally occurring, there is no risk for overdose like there is with synthetic iron supplements. Desiccated liver supplements can do wonders for your health but only if you find the right kind of supplement.

So how do you find the best desiccated liver supplement? It’s easy! Looks for a supplement that contains liver sourced from 100% grass-fed cattle. Grass-fed beef liver is usually sourced from either Argentina or Australia. You should also make sure that the cattle the liver is sourced from never comes into contact with pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs. The next step is to make sure that the supplement contains ONLY grass-fed beef liver. This means no fillers, no flow agents, and no artificial ingredients. I purchase my dessicated liver at Amazon, but you can also find it in local health food stores.




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Rhodiola Rosea: The Energy Boosting Herbs that Fights Stress


In my last article entitled ‘Adaptogen Herbs for Athletes,’ I mentioned the herb Rhodiola Rosea. I received so many emails about the herb that I decided to write a follow-up article all about rhodiola rosea.

As stated in my previous article, rhodiola rosea is an adaptogen herb meaning that it has the ability to adapt to the body’s needs. It works to normalize and improve all bodily functions while simultaneously boosting overall health. Adaptogen herbs, like rhodiola rosea, cause little to no side effects.

Each adaptogen has it own unique properties. Rhodiola specifically works to fight fatigue, boost the immune system, alleviate anxiety, improve mental function, reduce stress, regulate blood pressure levels, and increase longevity. Some people even claim that rhodiola boosts sexual desire. Rhodiola seems to be particularly helpful at combating stress and anxiety. Many people take rhodiola rosea as an all natural alternative to prescription medications.

The wonderful thing about rhodiola, and other adaptogen herbs, is that is works with your body to correct anything that isn’t functioning optimally. If you are low energy and having trouble focusing and staying awake, rhodiola will boost your energy and focus while preventing both physical and mental fatigue.

The best rhodiola is Siberian rhodiola rosea. When buying rhodiola supplements, always be sure to read the label and make sure you are buying a product that is 100% pure. It should not contain fillers, flow agents, or any artificial ingredients. The most beneficial extract of rhodiola contains 3% rosavins and 1% salidrosides. For optimal results, it is important to choose a rhodiola supplement that possesses all of these qualities.



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Adaptogen Herbs for Athletes


Adaptogen herbs have the amazing ability to adapt to your body’s needs. If you are stressed or anxious, they will work to calm you down. If you are tired, they will work to boost your energy. Each adaptogen herb has its own unique qualities. Adaptogen herbs can be very beneficial for athletes or anyone who wishes to increase their physical fitness.

Cordyceps sinensis is an adaptogen herb that works to boost energy, endurance, and stamina. It also works to boost oxygen capacity and lung function. Some say that it even has the ability to boost the immune system and sexual function. Cordyceps extract, along with all other adaptogen herbs, also works to boost overall health while causing little to no side effects.

In fact, cordyceps is so good at boosting physical fitness that many athletes swear by it. It can be especially helpful for athletes with asthma, or those who compete at high altitudes such as snowboarders, skiers, and mountain climbers. This is because cordyceps ability to boost oxygen capacity and lung function makes it easier for athletes to breathe while training which in turn improves their overall physical fitness.

Another adaptogen herb that can boost your fitness is rhodiola rosea. This adaptogen also adapts to your body’s needs while boosting overall health and causing minimal side effects. Rhodiola help athletes specifically by reducing the number of stress hormones in the body, which is turn reduces muscle soreness and fatigue and speeds up recovery time.

Both of these adaptogens are superstar sports supplements. The next time you need a boost in your performance, don’t turn to dangerous, expensive, and ineffective sports supplements from GNC. Turn to nature’s alternative -adaptogen herbs- for increased performance and decreased recovery time.

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Learning from Other Cultures


Thanks to improved technology in the fields of both travel and communication we now know more about the healthy diet secrets of other cultures than ever before. Scientists are able to look into the diets of other cultures and determine what some of the healthiest aspects of other cultures’ diets are. Take a look at three of the top healthy habits from around the globe.


From Japan: Spirulina

The health conscious in America are increasingly starting to recognize the long list of benefits the microalgae spirulina offers, but the Japanese have long included this nutritional superstar in their diets. In addition to the wealth of vitamins and minerals, spirulina is also a great source of chlorophyll.


Science shows us that the structure of chlorophyll is remarkably similar to human blood. Because of this similarity, it is believed that chlorophyll helps boost the immune system and promote healthy blood function. Try It: Add a spirulina supplement to your vitamin regime for a quick and easy way to improve health.


From Greece: Olive Oil

Olive oil has been a staple in Greek kitchens for ages. Used for everything from baking to dressing salads, olive oil is believed to be a key component to the health of Greek people. Research has revealed that olive oil offers a healthy source of diets to our diet. Including olive oil in our diets offers improves heart health, helps with brain function, and helps maintain weight levels. Try It: If you haven’t used olive oil frequently in your kitchen, try swapping out your processed salad dressing for homemade olive oil vinaigrette.


From China: Green Tea

Black tea is a popular American beverage, but the green tea commonly consumed in China and other Asian countries is a much richer source of antioxidants. Green tea is credited with everything from fighting cancer to revving the metabolism. Try It: If you regularly have a glass of black tea or cup of coffee in the afternoon, switch it out for a cup of green tea.


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The Cheater’s Guide to Boosting the Nutritional Value of Your Diet

Healthy Living

Getting all the nutrients we need each day doesn’t happen automatically, but that does not mean it has to be an arduous task. A few simple steps can help you quickly improve the nutritional values in your diet.


  1. Amp Up the Good Fats. Healthy fats like those found in olive oil, avocado, and walnuts are crucial for both brain and heart health. As an added bonus, eating healthy fats helps with satiety levels, which helps with weight loss. The Easy Way: Seeds like hemp, chia, and flax are great sources of essential fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6s. It’s effortless to sprinkle some in yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies and more.



  1. Stir in Your Super Foods. These days the importance of getting super foods like blueberries is no secret. Yet, it can still be a bit of a challenge to fit adequate amounts of super foods like kale into your diet. The Easy Way: Organic kale powder provides the health-conscious with a quick way to add all of the nutritional benefits of kale to their morning juice. Look for a kale powder with no artificial ingredients from a reputable manufacturer. A bonus of fermented kale powder is that it will stay shelf stable for a relatively long time, allowing you to have a super food on hand at all times.


  1. Pop a Multivitamin. Television shows and magazines can make it seem like you need to take every supplement under the sun. Instead of popping a variety of pills, focus on eating a diet filled with real foods. Even with doing this, there can still be gaps in the diet. The Easy Way: Fill in the gaps in your diet with a basic multivitamin. Choose a complete vitamin without excessive levels of any nutrients and skip other separate vitamin pills, unless otherwise directed by your physician.


You will likely find that making some easy “cheater’s” versions of changes will have you well on your way to a significantly healthier diet.


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Bulking Up: Using the Best Protein Shakes to Gain Weight

dumbbell2Despite what some people may imagine, gaining weight in a healthy way does not involve eating anything and everything in sight. To gain weight in a healthy way, people must focus on nutritious food choices and increasing protein consumption. One of the best ways to easily get nutrition and increased protein content is by drinking protein shakes.

Look for Multiple Sources of Protein. Research has shown that consuming both fast-burning and slow-burning protein sources equates to greater growth of muscle tissue. The best protein shakes to gain weight will have a protein powder that includes both fast and slow burning protein sources. While it is possible for people to mix two different types of protein powders to get this effect, most people find it easier to purchase a protein powder that already contains multiple sources of protein.

Use Protein Shakes as Supplements. For people looking to lose weight, it is fine to substitute meals with protein shakes. For those who are looking to gain weight though, it can be self-defeating to substitute shakes for meals. Instead, people should supplement a healthy diet with a protein shake (or shakes) throughout the day. This additional source of quality protein-based calories is shown in both clinical trials and antidotal reports to be extremely helpful in gaining weight through muscle mass.

Incorporate Strength Training. Protein powder helps the body repair muscle tissue after it has been torn from strength training workouts. Therefore, to gain this benefit one should perform strength training workouts on a regular basis. Lifting weights does not burn an excessive amount of calories so those hoping to gain weight need not be deterred from strength training.

It is important to remember that gaining weight in a healthy manner takes time. People are advised to look at achieving this goal as a slow process. The accompanying diet should be filled with calorie dense, but nutritionally sound foods in order to gain muscle rather than fat.


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How to Make a Spirulina Smoothie

spirulinaIf you are on my blog, you are probably already interested in health and you probably already know about all of the amazing health benefits of spirulina. In case you don’t know, here are a few of spirulina’s most impressive benefits. Spirulina is a superfood alga that is packed with nutrients such as b vitamins, beta carotene, amino acids, fatty acids, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and more!

If you’ve never had spirulina before, you are probably wondering what it tastes like. Well, to be honest, it takes a lot like pond water because it’s a type of freshwater algae. For this reason, many people do not like the taste of spirulina which is why most people like to cover the taste of spirulina in a green smoothie. Keep reading to learn how to make a spirulina smoothie!

The easiest way to make a green smoothie is to start with fresh or frozen fruit- preferably lower carbohydrate fruits. Then you will need fresh, frozen, or powdered greens. Finally, you will need a bit of liquid- coconut milk, almond milk, water, and juice are all acceptable choices. Last but not least, you will need a bit of ice. Some people like to add lemon or ginger to combat the flavor the greens. Other people like to add a bit of honey for a little natural sweetness. Green smoothies are great because they are totally customizable based on your taste preferences and needs.

Once you have gathered all of the ingredients for your green smoothie, add them to high powered blender. I use a Vitamix. Last but definitely not least, you will need to purchase a pure, organic, cleanly sourced spirulina powder. Once all of your ingredients are in the blender, blend on high until your reach a desired consistency. Serve immediately and enjoy!

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Medicine Cabinet Swaps – Natural Nutrients Versus Pharmaceuticals


To the dismay of many, pharmaceutical companies have come up with prescription pills for almost any imaginable ailment, including some ailments we were previously unaware of, such as restless leg syndrome. Yet these pharmaceutical cure-alls are not without side effects. In fact, sometimes are worse than the original symptoms. And, often more prescription meds are required just to deal with the side effects of the original medication. Because of this, many people are turning to natural supplements to help a wide range of conditions.


Rather than relying on Prozac and other antidepressants, some studies show that St. John’s Wort or Siberian rhodiola rosea can help combat symptoms of depression. A 2008 study done at the Centre for Complementary Medicine in Munich, Germany showed St. John’s Wort to be as effective at treating depression as prescription antidepressants and more effective than a placebo.

While this finding provides exciting news for patients seeking a more natural remedy for their depression, anyone experiencing symptoms of depression should still consult with a doctor or licensed counselor regarding various treatment options.

Blood Sugar Levels

Uncontrolled blood sugar levels are associated with a host of problems, with one of the most serious being diabetes. New research shows there may be a natural solution to help stabilize blood sugar levels. In 2012, there was a small pilot study which was made public showing promising initial results of the effects of chlorogenic acid and blood sugar levels.

This combines with promising research results indicating many health benefits from coffee consumption, including a decreased likelihood of getting diabetes among coffee drinkers. Green coffee bean extract contains chlorogenic acid in amounts greater than roasted coffee beans do. So, if the initial results prove true, this supplement may be able to help control blood sugar levels and may help fight some forms diabetes. But, the research is young and more needs to take place.


Science is showing that herbs can be a valuable ally in diminishing aches and pains. In particular an herb called Arnica has been shown to be helpful in reducing pain and inflammation. Scientists are not fully certain why it works, but do have some evidence that it does work. It can be taken either internally or used as a cream on sore muscles. Naturopathic physician Jane Guiltinan recommends using it conjunction with ice and, if needed, conventional painkillers.


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My Favorite Fitness Supplement

1272846_37232745Most fitness supplements on the market are full of false promises and dangerous chemicals. They often contain fillers, stimulants, artificial colors, sweeteners, GMOs and other dangerous ingredients. They often boast false claims and come in expensive and over-the-top packaging. If you’ve been tricked into wasting your time, money, and health on expensive yet useless supplements, do not worry, you are not alone.

There was a time in my life when I spent more money on supplements than I did on food. Man, have things changed since then! I now know that it is incredibly important, and more effective, to fuel my body with real food. I try to eat plenty of nutrient dense protein and fat from pastured animals as well as plenty of vegetables, while limiting my intake of starchy carbohydrates.

But as someone who is constantly training, I need a bit more nutrition than your average person which is why I take supplements. Now don’t worry, I no longer buy / take the expensive, dangerous, and practically useless synthetic supplements that I described in the beginning of this article. I now buy all natural supplements that are way safer and far more effective.

My new favorite supplement is desiccated liver. When grass-fed beef liver is dehydrated at an ultra low temperature, it is able to retain all of its precious nutrients. The dehydrated liver is then milled into a fine powder and turned into a supplement. Desiccated liver supplements contain all of the same nutrients found in fresh, raw, beef liver, but in a convenient and tasteless capsule. Desiccated liver is packed with iron and B vitamins to help build and repair lean muscle while simultaneously boosting energy and endurance. If you are interested in giving it a shot, you can buy desiccated liver here.

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Welcome to SWEAT! This blog was created to help people get into the best shape of their lives. Whether you like to run, bike, do yoga, or hit the gym, this website is the fitness resource that you’ve been searching for. Our job is to teach you how to find an exercise program that works for you while teaching you all the fitness tips that you need to know along the way.

SWEAT will feature articles about popular types of fitness including traditional weight lifting, crossfit, running, cycling, hiking, and more! We will also feature articles about dieting, popular and effective supplements, and even some tips on how to improve other areas of your life outside of fitness.

It is very important to do your research when it comes to exercising, dieting, and taking supplements. If you are not careful and educated, you can end up doing major damage to your body. This website will help you fix your fitness mistakes before you even make them! Yes, we are that good. Supplementing and dieting the right way is just as tricky as exercising the correct way. We are here to teach you about all three!

Supplements are an important part of many fitness routines. Each week, SWEAT will release an article about the supplements we love and hate. We will discuss which ingredients are the best, which ingredients are the worst, what is effective, what is not effective, how to find the best supplements, and how to get the best prices. Dieting can be difficult, too, which is why we also plan to discuss the best and worst diet plans for your body type and level of exercise.

This website is not designed only for top athletes and fitness freaks, this website is designed for anyone who wishes to make healthy changes in their life. Fitness helps people lead a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling existence, and we are here to help you achieve that.

If you think of a topic that you’d like to learn more about, leave us a comment and we will do our best to get some research done and write up and interesting and informative article for you. We only ask that you keep it within the realm of health and fitness.

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